easyJet, a European airline, announced that it has reached a key milestone in its ambition, by 2020, to attract 20 percent of new pilots joining the airline that are female.  Over the past year, the company has achieved a new high of 15 percent of new entrants to the airline that are female.

When easyJet launched the initiative to attract more women into a career as a pilot in October 2015, women only made up 6 percent of easyJet’s new pilot intake. As a result of the campaign in 2016, easyJet had doubled the intake to 12 percent and has been increasing the number of female pilots ever since, moving towards its target of reaching 20 percent by 2020. When easyJet set out the goal, it expected that 20 percent would equate to 50 female pilots. Owing to easyJet’s growth, it has attracted more than 50 female pilots this year and now has more than 200 female pilots flying for its airline.