Ryanair became the first customer to take delivery of MPS FMS training systems. Six trainers will be installed at Ryanair’s East Midlands and Stansted training locations. The MPS FMS trainers will help Ryanair pilots to prepare for their simulator training. They can familiarize themselves with the actual FMS, thus providing a highly cost-effective training experience. The interactive training environment comprises a type-specific B737 flight model representing the actual aircraft. The FMS trainer includes the primary display units and control panels for navigational display of routes, navigation aids and lesson plans.

Ryanair Head of training, Captain Andy O’Shea said: “The MPS FMS Trainers represent the very latest in pilot training technology and design. These devices allow Ryanair to train their new and current pilots to be proficient with the FMS functions and capabilities leading to greater efficiency and flexibility in our pilot training program.”

MPS’ CEO, Captain Philip Adrian said: “MPS aims to provide a complete training solution to their customers and we regard the FMS trainer as an additional part of the solutions we offer. The collaboration between Ryanair and MPS has led to significant high quality, innovative training solutions such as Ryanair’s Controlled Training system.”