Britten-Norman plans to expand its overseas training capabilities by signing a lease on new premises at Malta International Airport.

Whilst training will be the primary focus, the company is also working closely with Transport Malta’s Civil Aviation Directorate to introduce other aviation-related services at the same site, including the establishment of an International Air Operator’s Certificate.

Chief Executive, William Hynett, says Malta was selected because of its historic links with the U.K. and its strong cultural and operational fit: “Malta benefits from favourable weather conditions and relative airspace freedom, making the archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea an excellent location to help broaden Britten-Norman’s training output. Malta also offers a sensible solution to the Group’s requirement for a Brexit contingency plan in the event that the U.K. and E.U. fail to negotiate an effective bilateral relationship.”

The company intends to continue offering training from its U.K. sites in addition to operating from the new Maltese hub, and it will also continue to provide selected training from customer locations worldwide.