The Czech Aviation Training Center (CATC) is a continuation of the Czech Airlines Training Center, a co-organizer of EATS 2009 and 2011. It successfully continues the training of pilots, cabin crew and ground personnel of the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. For several years it has been operating the flight simulators of the B737 classic, the B737 NG, the A320 and specially the FFS L-410 Turbolet that was commissioned last year. The L-410 simulator for this aircraft was supplied by CAE Montreal, is manufactured and certified according to the latest FAA and EASA regulations and is fully adapted to UPRT training.

In regard to the current shortage of pilots, CATC plans to further expand its capacity. CATC specified the expected RFT terms for a pair of new FFSs of the highest category, which will be delivered on the basis of a contract concluded with the Boeing and Airbus simulator manufacturers in the autumn of 2019. The FFS for the Boeing 737 MAX will be operational by mid September 2019. CATC will become one of the first training centers in Europe that is able to offer training to the latest generation of B737. The second, including an Airbus A320 aircraft and A320neo with both engine versions, will be commissioned no later th