FSANA is working to help alleviate some of the effects of the government shutdown on flight training providers around the country. Specifically, the company says it is aware of the fact that expiration of FAA Part 141 and 142 training programs authorizations represent a real potential threat to the continued provision of training. Additionally, it says, the expiration of designees’ authorization for testing activities and the expiration of temporary airman certificates will limit students’ ability to continue training, testing and to use their pilot certificates if they expire.

FSANA submitted a letter to the director of Flight Standards of the FAA requesting relief and extension where appropriate to ensure that non-governmental entities and individuals who are normally authorized by governmental staff to do their activities be authorized to continue, and that temporary certificates be considered valid beyond their normal 120-day currency period. These are critical requests that the company hopes the FAA will be able to address with the recent re-opening of the government, at least temporarily, and with limited FAA staff in the event that there is another shutdown.

If these requests are not allowed, FSANA has had direct indications from training providers that their ability to provide training will be limited or stopped.