Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) has contracted Micro Nav Limited (Micro Nav) to design, deliver and commission a 360-degree 3D Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower simulator for Hamad International Airport, as well as a technical refresh of the existing BEST simulators. This includes civil works, hardware, software, consoles, training and a long-term support agreement. 

The BEST 3D Tower simulator, a technically advanced 3D tower simulation system and immersive training environment, is to be installed in the newly finished Air Traffic Control Centre and Training facility at Hamad International Airport.

Comprising the latest Micro Nav Visual Display System, the simulator features a curved Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) screen and Automatic Display Alignment System (ADAS) with split mode display operations and enhanced viewing capability to complete the 360-degree 3D ATC tower environment.

The new tower simulator utilises 18 high-performance projectors, each operating a solid-state optical engine and exhibiting stable high performance, reliability and longevity. The tower environment consists of a 360-degree display system, tower/ground controller positions, flight delivery/clearance delivery position, supervisor position, pseudo pilot positions, a mini 3D tower with a single controller position, ATC controller consoles, equipment racks and furniture. The simulator will be used for individual tower simulation training or can be connected to the APP/ACC simulator to run combined exercises for integrated training.

The existing BEST 3D Tower simulator and BEST Radar simulator, complete with BEST Link, will be updated with new hardware, the latest software and connected with the new tower simulator for integrated exercise scenarios and sharing of data and resources.

The BEST product suite at Hamad International Airport includes BEST Tower, BEST Radar, BEST Talk, BEST Speech, BEST Link, BEST 3D and BEST 3D Create.