Czech Airlines Flight Training Centre has chosen CPaT Global to provide tailored e-learning solutions for their pilots’ training needs including distance learning courses, interactive classroom courses and learning management systems. Czech Airlines Flight Training Centre will employ CPaT’s e-learning solutions to provide both classroom and mobile training for its Boeing 737NG courses.

Pavel Havelka, Chief Instructor of 737 Training Programs, stated, “In January 2019, CATC became a client of CPaT regarding its e-learning solutions.” After the first month of utilization, Havelka highlighted the following features of the CPaT LMS product:

·       Flexibility: The administration of access rights for both students and instructors is being done on the CPaT customized web portal and remains fully in the hands of the training centre, so there is no risk of any possible complications to provide everybody with the required study materials prior to the commencement date of the training.

·       Interactivity: The wide range of interactive study materials for various categories is accessible through a single access code, i.e. the student could easily switch between different themes directly or indirectly tied with their main purpose of training or even look at different types of aircraft to make a comparison.

·       User friendly courses: The intuitive environment of the CPaT web portal and illustrative way of learning uses excellent graphics and interactive tools.

Havelka continued, “CATC started to use CPaT’s type rating courses for our main aircraft type, Boeing 737NG, and we expect other aircraft type trainings offered by CATC will soon follow.

Havelka also stated that “there is also a potential of many new functionalities not offered by other products of this kind, such as access for aviation authorities to monitor the quality of training, possibility to use CPaT portal for distribution of other study materials, etc. These features have not been utilized yet, but we are fully aware of their added value for the future.”