FlightSafety International introduced its new VITAL 1150 Image Generation visual system, which is a significant enhancement of its VITAL 1100.

VITAL 1150 can render normal rates of 120Hz with up to 8K resolution. This provides extremely accurate representations of real-world visual environments. Its ability to process and display scenes at these high speeds and resolutions results in sharp visual quality throughout the entire flight envelope encountered during training. Also added are new features for advanced information assurance that support current and future cyber-security requirements.

VITAL 1150 incorporates advanced rendering techniques for enhanced weather scenarios including new cloud simulations using specialized elliptical shading that improve the 3D visual effects for added realism. It is also designed to bypass a normally required host and directly connect and then interact with the network protocols used in Distributed Mission Operations (DMO). This is also a significant advantage for Live Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training exercises.

The VITAL 1150 is also designed for use with FlightSafety’s mixed reality system, as well as unmanned systems and night vision goggle training. It can dynamically adjust projector features in real-time in conjunction with image adjustments within the Image Generator. VITAL 1150 supports multiple classes of NVG equipment and drives dedicated infrared channels when paired with compatible projectors.