MPS and IDT have signed a long-term collaboration agreement to integrate Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) capability into current and future MPS flight simulators. The MPS devices representing the Boeing B737 and Airbus A320 variants utilize high-fidelity flight models and aerodynamic data packages from the respective OEMs. IDT’s UPRight Instructor Operator Station feedback tool will now be an integral part of the MPS product line, and IDT’s UPRT training products and expertise will also be offered to MPS customers.

“The collaboration will enable MPS to apply all the UPRT elements that do not require a full-motion capability into our training devices,” says Captain Philip Adrian, CEO of MPS. “Our customers worldwide will be able to simply enable this feature, connected through the simulator’s Wi-Fi network. We will also provide training on the proper use of the tools, as well as a full UPRT training program through our collaboration with IDT."

“A major portion of UPRT starts with prevention. For example, understanding the airplane’s angle of attack and managing its energy are critical elements that a pilot needs to understand,” says Dr. Sunjoo Advani, president of IDT. “Our UPRight tool goes far beyond the minimum standard for instructor feedback as required by the FAA and EASA. It is truly pilot-centric, enabling the instructor to graphically illustrate to the pilot, for example, the importance of reducing the angle of attack during an upset condition or stall event.”

MPS will be exhibiting at the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) in Orlando, Florida, from 30 April to 2 May at booth 513.