ViaTech’s Active Reader – utilized by CAE to train thousands of civil and defense crew members every year – now supports video and interactive file types. CAE began its implementation of Active Reader in spring 2018, and the platform has since been integrated with its existing enterprise systems.

Active Reader is a device-agnostic enterprise application that provides secure, digital access to training documents and empowers users to engage with their content. The platform gives users the option to pre-load training materials (including the newly supported file types) to their devices so that they can be viewed with or without an internet connection.

By shifting to a digital delivery approach, CAE significantly mitigated its security risk and eliminated the costs associated with traditional printing and shipping. Now, the organization is able to further expand its training offerings to include video and interactive content.

Introducing interactive content to CAE’s library of PDFs, graphics and other file types has resulted in a more well-rounded training experience. Users have the ability to mark up, draw, highlight and organize their materials, as well as record text, audio and video notes.

Crewmembers who depend on CAE’s training can now experience immersive training anytime and anywhere, without the limitations presented by traditional training methods.

Most importantly, Active Reader gives CAE insight into who viewed what content and for how long, which is invaluable to the organization in understanding how to structure training material updates, edits and rewrites.