Quantum3D Inc. released its latest version of MANTIS, a real-time scene management and image generation software. The latest version of MANTIS comes with a new set of enhanced capabilities for both visual and sensor simulation and will be available on all current platforms including off-the shelf PCs running Windows or Linux, and Independence IDX 8000 and IDX 80 series Image Generators equipped with MANTIS.

Some of the new MANTIS features include support for the latest CIGI 4.0 SISO standard for the communication of simulation data between the Host and IG as well as a new OpenVR plugin, which allows MANTIS to be used to drive VR-, AR- and MR-tethered HMD's that support the OpenVR standard. This includes HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Metavision Meta 2 and Oculus Rift.

The OpenVR plugin supports NVIDIA's VR SLI technology. This allows two GPU's to be used in SLI configuration for true 3D stereo rendering. One GPU will render the left eye image and the other GPU will render the right eye, meaning both eyes are rendered in parallel. This provides a significant performance boost compared to the traditional method of rendering each eye sequentially on the same GPU.

Hybrid tracking designs are also supported. For example, a Vive Tracker can be attached to a Metavision Meta 2 HMD and be used to track head movements to a much greater precision than is supported by the Meta 2's tracking technology.

The plugin supports a switchable NVG goggle simulation mode where the field of view is reduced to a configurable circular aperture, and the image is converted to monochrome and noise is added.

The new OpenVR plugin has been successfully deployed by Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH for use in their latest Level D certified emergency response H145 helicopter trainer. In this trainer, the pilot and co-pilot view multiple channels projected on a dome screen while the Medical Crew Member wears a Metavision Meta 2 HMD. The medical crew member is stationed in the aft-cabin next to a physical mock-up of the helicopter door, which can be viewed and operated through the mixed-reality (“see through”) HMD. MANTIS generates the visuals for the exterior scene and masks this against its own internal model of the helicopter. The result is that the trainee sees the outside world in 3D through the side door and the windows of the helicopter, whilst still be able to operate the onboard equipments and to interact with the flight crew allowing them to train as a team for such tasks as pilot guidance, underslung/winch operation, search and rescue. The trainer is fully NVG capable providing a dedicated infra-red scene that stimulates the pilot’s night vision goggles and showing the NVG scene in the HMD.