Seattle company, one-G simulation's Cessna 172 G1000 based flight simulator is now available on a per-per-use basis via the popular one-G Access Program.

The one-G Foundation 1000 is approved as an advanced aviation training device (AATD) and includes a model specific instrument panel based on the Garmin G1000.

Since the one-G Access Program launch in 2015, qualifying flight schools have benefited from having the option of adding an FAA approved AATD to their fleet with no upfront cost, and with the addition of this G1000 based variant to the program, schools now have more avionics options to choose from. one-G simulation produces their own software and hardware solutions in-house, including the high fidelity G1000 avionics emulator. In addition to the new panel configuration, the Foundation 1000 device includes active control loading for the yoke as well as enhanced intercom audio features.

The one-G Foundation 1000 variant was originally commissioned as a custom project and developed through the one-G research and development unit, Creative Solutions Studio (CSS). Qualifying flight schools may now apply to receive a Foundation or Foundation 1000 through the one-G Access program on a pay-per-use basis.