Increasing demand for skilled workers continues to drive the need for training programs at schools such as National Aviation Academy (NAA). Quality training is essential to develop the knowledge and hands-on skills required for careers in aviation maintenance. To connect students and alumni with aviation industry representatives, NAA hosted a career fair on May 9, 2019, at its Tampa Bay campus.

Forty-four companies were in attendance scouting students, conducting interviews and making offers. Industry leaders such as Boeing, Delta, Embraer, General Electric (GE), Gulfstream and Lockheed Martin were onsite, among numerous others, making this the largest career fair in NAA history.

David Mead, senior executive vice president of Education and Operations, stated, “It is our job to instill the necessary training, and qualities, that employers are looking for in the next generation of aviation maintenance technicians. It is also our duty to ensure that our graduates are equipped with the knowledge to be successful in careers that span all sectors of aviation.”

According to Boeing’s 2018 Pilot & Technician Outlook, 754,000 new aviation maintenance technicians will be needed by 2037. Given the continued demands in the industry, upcoming career fairs are anticipated to provide vast opportunity for students and alumni.

NAA’s next career fair will be held at NAA’s New England campus at 130 Baker Avenue Extension in Concord, Massachusetts, on Thursday, July 11, 2019. Industry leaders such as United Airlines, Pratt and Whitney, and Panasonic will be in attendance. NAA-Tampa Bay will host its next career fair on Thursday, September 26, 2019.