The 16th Asia Pacific Airline Training Summit (APATS) returns to Singapore from 3-4 September 2019.

In 2018 we reflected on the industry’s performance in 2017, which was the best safety year in aviation history. We all knew that it would be hard to continue this feat every year. Unfortunately, we indeed have had a negative trend in 2018. This demonstrates that safety is not a given yet, and that we must continue to set goals and work hard across the industry to get this perfect score every year.

This year, to help set those goals and to achieve this perfect score, APATS will focus on sharing best practices and information between stakeholders in order to improve safety.

This will be done through three conference streams across two days, discussing pilot training, maintenance training and cabin crew training, while focusing on the sharing of best practices to improve the overall safety within the aviation industry. There are many aspects of training that are important to review, and APATS highlights one of these areas each year. This year the overall theme of the conference is Identifying and Developing Professionalism in the Global Aviation Workforce.

The three conference streams will cover topics such as:

  • New hire issues and personnel supply and demand
  • Diverse aviation workforces and developing positive training cultures
  • Competency and evidence-based training
  • Instructional techniques and training ROI
  • Simulation technology updates and insights
  • Aviation system safety and security
  • Training for new aircraft technologies
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS) and human factors
  • International and national licensing, compliance and regulatory issues
  • Mobile, gaming and e-learning technologies in training
  • Air carrier simulation and training “lessons learned” and incident de-briefs

For more information on the show, visit the APATS website.