MPS announced its sponsorship of the International Symposium of Approved Training Organizations hosted by the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS). The symposium will take place on 17 September 2019, at 4 Hamilton Place, London.

A keynote address will be given by Steve Creamer, director of the Air Navigation Bureau at ICAO. The program will then commence in four sessions covering the international scene, issues for discussion, feedback from workshops and a panel discussion.

“There is a need for ATOs to come together to address training in an international setting,” said MPS Chief Executive Officer Philip Adrian, “As ATOs play a more integrated role within professional pilot training than ever before, the symposium is the perfect opportunity to facilitate conversation, and MPS is proud to sponsor this event.”

No international association for ATOs currently exists. However, as reported by Boeing in its 2019 Pilot and Technician Outlook, forecasts project that in the next 20 years the commercial aviation sector will demand 645,000 new pilots. This is in addition to 98,000 pilots in the business aviation sector. As demand rises for pilots, so does demand for training.

A global voice for ATOs would allow for consensus, standardization and consistency among all regions. In addition, it would create an important voice for global training issues such as instructor requirements and future training delivery.

“The Royal Aeronautical Society is pleased to host this pivotal symposium for Approved Training Organizations. It marks an important step in facilitating international collaboration within the sector to address safety, training, best practice and the increasing demand for commercial pilots,” said Professor Jonathan Cooper, president of the Royal Aeronautical Society.