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London-based IAGO Flight Training has long been a provider of quality commercial pilot training solutions.

Over 20 years ago the IAGO founders spotted a gap in the market for a niche provider offering differentiated flight deck instruction and course capabilities.

Head of Airbus Training, Chris Kingswood comments, “IAGO has a competitive edge on quality and value in a market historically dominated by legacy providers.”

For its partner airlines, IAGO acts as a trusted service partner; an efficient employment intermediary; and a credible provider of full service ATO, recurrent training solutions and pilot supply. IAGO has also set a benchmark for instructor and examiner training, leading the way in the UK.

Core Business

IAGO has pioneered its hybrid outsourcing model to great effect, allowing its customers to retain control of training DNA, quality and standards allied with delivering desired cost efficiencies.

“It’s a model we see others moving towards but it takes significant and relevant industry expertise to consistently meet both client and regulator expectations – this is something IAGO does well in a market traditionally focused on a straight, less efficient outsourcing model,” says Kingswood.

Importantly, IAGO delivers its bespoke solutions in concert with its customers, on time, on cost and with scalability to suit each airline campaign. This is always a high priory.

Differentiated Cadet Level Pilot Training

IAGO pilot training programs focus more on the areas its customers actively seek. IAGO spends more time on the areas that matter to develop pilots with the right capabilities and train them the right way. This approach de-risks the employment pathway for both the cadet pilots and the airline.

Winter 2019/20 will see the Introduction of a new APS-MCC upstream of the enhanced cadet type conversion training, further integrating the cadet pilot scheme product offering – embedding greater core competency development, knowledge skills and attitudes earlier in the transition to a modern flight crew role. Airline relevant scenario- and manoeuvre-based training will compliment airline aligned type rating where the trainee graduates with an OPC and Base Training completed, fully prepared for LIFUS.

“We see the new IAGO APS course as key to delivering cadet level pilots with greater resilience, self awareness and customer focus for the end user,” said Kingswood.

Data-Driven Training and Next Steps

IAGO has long worked with its customers to identify trends from flight data monitoring and trains out known areas of risk. (In the same way an airline with ATQP aligns its programs to areas such as a recurrent training session). This is not a new area, but one more airlines are looking to from training providers such as IAGO.

IAGO is also changing the way it’s future pilot will be trained, “where some organisations are focusing on tools to assist instructor student data feedback, IAGO will also be advancing course methodology, challenging conventional training pathways to provide improved role related training,” said Kingswood.

Looking ahead, IAGO is very excited about its partnership with Avion. IAGO sees the future, where the combined strengths of training know-how and leading-edge technology combine with the opening of its London Gatwick-based A320 NEO full flight simulator in January 2020.

The combination of Avion and IAGO creates a forward-thinking and capable partnership, which will continue to provide innovative training solutions and improve all aspects pilot training moving forward. Avion’s brand proposition will stay focused on quality, value and forging unique customer-owned programs.