Luís Miguel Ribeiro has become the third member of the Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation (JAA TO) Foundation Board.

Ribeiro, who is also chairman of the Board of ANAC Portugal, said he was "honoured" after being elected by members last month.

"For years, ANAC’s qualified staff have received the high-quality training programs of JAA TO and now I have the privilege to be able to contribute even closer to its success and leadership in provision of Aviation Regulatory training courses in Europe and worldwide," he said.

Luís Miguel Ribeiro joins Alessio Quaranta, the Director General of ENAC Italy, and Director General of Slovakia, Mr. Mario Németh on the board. Quaranta serves as chairman.

"The JAA TO Foundation Board will greatly benefit from Mr. Ribeiro’s solid track record," said Quaranta. "His vast experience makes him very suitable to help us maintain and expand the success of ECAC’s training body."

The JAA TO is a non-profit foundation and an associated body of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC). Based in the Netherlands, it provides regulatory training courses to help improve aviation safety worldwide.