Skyborne Airline Academy has launched an airline-focused Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) course to provide pilots with the skills they need to anticipate, avoid and recover upsets during flight.

The course, which is UL CAA-approved, was created in conjunction with industry experts Andrew Bray and David Simmonds. It is available as a standalone at Skyborne’s Gloucestershire Airport HQ and through Skyborne’s EASA Integrated and Modular ATPL programmes.

Skyborne will analyse previous airline incidents involving loss of control in-flight (LOC-I) to deliver its training.

"Loss of control in-flight is the most frequent and fatal type of accident in general aviation," said Lee Woodward, Skyborne Chief Executive Officer.

“We have optimised our UPRT course to make it fully tailored for the needs of today’s airline pilots. With this training they will develop a foundation of crucial safety skills that will flow progressively across their career."  

Pilots will complete one full day of UPRT theoretical knowledge training and three flight sessions in Skyborne’s Slingsby T67 Firefly.

“Avoiding LOC-I incidents through UPRT will inevitably save lives," said Andrew Bray, course theory instructor and Skyborne consultant.

EASA has decreed that UPRT training will become mandatory for those undertaking commercial pilot training by December, Skyborne said.

The UPRT is the latest new course that Skyborne have begun offering this year.