OxfordSaudia have partnered with Symbiotics on the selection and assessment of candidates for ab-initio pilot training at its new CAE Authorised Training Centre.

Symbiotics’ online assessments will provide assistance with the initial recruitment phase. It will identify those candidates who are most suited to, and likely to succeed in the pilot training pipeline.

"We wanted a screening program that would remove subjectivity from our selection process and give our managers confidence in the selection of our pilots," Captain Larry Wade, Chief Executive Officer at OxfordSaudia, said.

"(Symbiotics) present the results in a clear and easy to understand way allowing us to make decisions quickly and efficiently. The comprehensive set of exams allow for a full understanding of the potential of each candidate."

Following this initial sift, Symbiotics will also provide on-site assessors. Symbiotics psychologists will conduct stage three of the assessment process at OxfordSaudia training centre in Dammam. This includes the observation, analysis and feedback of group exercises as well as providing interview expertise.

The first batches of assessments having taken place during the summer and are continuing towards the end of the year.

"I am pleased that they see the added value our psychologists can provide on-site," said Karen Moore, MD for Symbiotics. "We hope that this is the beginning of a positive relationship that will help OxfordSaudia select the best candidates for their ab-initio training."

Symbiotics will be exhibiting at EATS 2019 in Berlin on October 29 and 30.