L3Harris Technologies has integrated data analysis services into its avionics, training and security portfolio to provide operators and manufacturers insight across their operations.

The data analysis tools, added following the acquisition of Flight Data Services, allow operators to identify, quantify and assess safety management system risk factors and performance of equipment. Using a secure web platform, flight operations can search, track and undertake performance trend analysis by downloading data points directly from the flight data recorder, including safety and maintenance events. Operators can immediately determine inefficiencies and preventative maintenance needs to reduce operational delays and increase safety.

Enhanced data analysis supports the transition to evidence-based pilot training. It supports training teams to develop tailored training programs based on key trends and safety issues identified from the data of real flights and captured from L3Harris’ simulators. This will support an airlines’ holistic approach to training across its pilot population as well as allow specific deviations from its standard operating procedures to be identified and addressed. 

“Data empowers decision making, enabling customers to improve safety and cost efficiency across their operations,” said Alan Crawford, president, Commercial Aviation, L3Harris. “This new capability provides performance analytics, data in training and predictive maintenance, which supports customers’ needs for total turnkey aviation solutions.”