The Ultimate High Academy (UHA) and Kura Human Factors (KHF) will jointly deliver Crew Resource Management Trainer (CRMT) Programmes at Goodwood Aerodrome from early 2020.

The course is for the aircrew, engineering, ATC and cabin crew communities where effective CRM is critical for safe and efficient operations.

Military and civilian professionals with decades of CRM training experience wrote, designed and will deliver the course. It will meet all CAA, EASA, FAA and ICAO Regulatory and Compliance requirements.

"Our training will be delivered by CRM Trainers (CRMTs) who will pass on real-world experience of a pragmatic nature, illustrating how CRM is employed at a practical level," said Peter Whitten, MD at Kura Human Factors.

The learning is experiential, utilising both practical exercises, case studies, facilitation and the latest teaching utilised in premium carriers. Attendees will get the required knowledge and renewed confidence in their own ability to deliver training.

"Attendees will leave ... with a tool kit of threat and error management techniques that can be applied to any safety critical industry," said Mark Greenfield, CEO at UHA.

The course can be taken over three weekends or from Monday to Friday. It is compatible with the MOD Enhanced Learning Credit funding scheme.

The CRMT is the second joint programme that UHA have announced this month.