Autopilot, a new solution from, provides purchasing solution for pilots, aircraft owners and operators to more easily source the products and services they buy. Autopilot eliminates the need to return to the platform every six or twelve months to request bids from vendors and service providers. Users are notified automatically as bids are submitted and then can review and compare them on Pricing comes directly from suppliers, so users don’t need to worry about mark ups or paying commission.

It works by enabling users to set up their profile once for all of the recurring service requirements they may have such as recurrent training and annual inspections. Users can refine requirements to specify geographic preferences and regulatory requirements as well as how far in advance they want to receive competitive bids. Once the profile is set up, based on the defined interval for each of these requirements, will automatically get competitive bids for the user.

“The more we’ve worked with our customers, the better we’ve been able to understand the unique challenges that face individual pilots, small flight departments and aircraft operators when it comes to purchasing,” said Chris Weinberg, founder and CEO of “Most don’t have a dedicated procurement function within their organization, and purchasing is one of the biggest distractions from the primary mission of flying. We realized that we could make purchasing even easier, so we built a tool to enable our users to spend less time dealing with it and spend more time flying.”