Spanish simulator manufacturer, Simloc, has integrated the ATC flight communications simulation system, SERA, to its FSTDs.

SERA (Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC) is a software that improves pilot training by adding realistic communications with air traffic control towers (ATC) to flight simulator operations.

In this way the instructor is able to set up, for example, busy airspaces with adjustable simulated traffic levels or modify real-time flight plans due to bad weather or traffic conflicts.

The North American Advanced Simulation Technology Inc (ASTi) system reinforces the training of radio phraseology for new pilots, including non-native English speakers, and improves the capacity of response to heavy workload situations due to congested traffic and communication.

"Our clients can be certain that their pilots will train in FSTDs completely adapted to the current demand on pilot training," said Victor García, Business Development Manager of Simloc, during EATS 2019 in Berlin.