Operative Experience, a developer of high-fidelity human patient simulators, launched RealMom™, a full-body childbirth simulator designed to revolutionize the way clinicians and practitioners develop proficiency in labor and delivery procedures.

Leapfrogging today’s hard-plastic birthing manikins, the company says, “RealMom is the most natural and realistic childbirth simulator ever created,” featuring lifelike soft tissue, accurate internal anatomy and an active birth canal with human-like dilation and effacement. RealMom gives learners with a “true-to-life” delivery room experience and a full spectrum of clinical scenarios from normal fetal delivery to more complicated procedures, such as breech, shoulder dystocia, nuchal cord, cord prolapse, and assisted delivery with forceps and vacuum devices.


can be operated wirelessly using an iOS or Android tablet device and provides precise control of dilation and delivery progression as well as heart rate and tones, contractions, pulses, blood pressure and SPO2 levels. OEI says it’s incredibly realistic and reliable, with no complicated set-up or programming required of instructors and subsequently no simulator downtime.

RealMom provides learners and educators with the first ever complete and fully-integrated solution for labor and delivery skills training, according to Mick Navin, President and CEO of Operative Experience, who says “We offer the entire continuum of care, from vaginal delivery through an active birth canal to emergency skin-to-skin C-section, postpartum hemorrhage control enabling practice including uterine artery repair, compression sutures and the Bakri balloon, and c-hyst when hemorrhage cannot be contained.”

OEI will introduce RealMom this week at the annual International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) conference in Washington DC. For more information on RealMom go to https://operativeexperience.com/realmom.