With the help of Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, Maxim Healthcare Services will be offering a new online training program for nurses. This is Maxim’s first official partnership although they have developed relationships with various nursing schools.

The new online program will be a one-hour course that their nurses can take to supplement their current training. This program will specifically be geared towards the management of home mechanical ventilation patients. Nurses can take these courses as many times as they want, free of charge and will be required to do this training on an annual basis.

In an interview with Home Health Care News, Cheryl Nelson, senior vice president of clinical operations for Maxim said, “We have a population of technology-dependent patients; they are dependent on ventilators. We want to make sure the nurse is the most confident and competent at the bedside in the home. These are probably one of our most complex set of patients, a very high-risk population that we take care of.”

Although the training is only an hour long, nurses still get comprehensive training because the courses offer simulations where nurses select answers for interventions based on real-life scenarios. The variations of interventions is what allows nurses to take the course over and over because they can select a different intervention every time.

This new online training will not only give nurses an opportunity to improve their skills but also aid with nursing retention which is a big challenge in the in-home healthcare industry. The training will be available to all nurses at Maxim, not just those who take care of ventilator patients.