3D Systems announced its new Simbionix ARTHRO Mentor Express training simulator. This first-to-market portable training solution is designed to help medical professionals learn and perfect surgical procedures for knees, shoulders and hips on a portable and affordable tabletop platform.

The ARTHRO Mentor Express has one universal anatomical model that includes knee arthroscopy in Flexed and Extended positions, shoulder arthroscopy in Beach Chair and Lateral positions, and hip arthroscopy in the Supine position. This results in an unmatched all-in-one training solution that is compact and portable for industry product demonstrations as well as orthopedic department training.

“We are excited to have the ARTHRO Mentor Express join the ARTHRO Mentor stationary platform,” said Ran Bronstein, vice president, chief research and operation officer, healthcare, 3D Systems. “The introduction of this unique, advanced, portable training solution enables surgeons to perfect their craft.”

3D Systems will debut ARTHRO Mentor Express to the U.S. market at The Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons (SOMOS) in Keystone, Colorado, December 10-12, 2018. For more information, or to schedule a hands-on demo, please visit the company’s website.