Group Editor Marty Kauchak was joined by Holly Foster, Halldale Media Sales Representative, to put SimX through the paces of one scenario on the 2019 IMSH exhibition floor. 

Delegates at 2019 IMSH were able to immerse themselves in a rigorous learning environment by way of the SimX wireless, multiplayer, virtual reality medical simulator.

SimX was unveiled in spring 2018 and has been delivered to an array of customers including the U.S. Air Force (to train its pararescue personnel) and top medical institutions at Stanford University, Universities of Texas and Purdue and elsewhere.

At the conference, delegates were able to “train” to SimX scenarios in a 10-by-10 square foot. conference floor area. The scenario in which the author and Holly Foster, Halldale Media Sales Representative, were immersed, involved the stabilization of a patient with altitude sickness and related symptoms.

While the current VR simulation is hardware agnostic – able to operate on Oculus, Microsoft HoloLens and other materiel – during the demonstration, the system was operating with the HTC Vive Pro wireless device. From the author’s perspective, the headgear and hand-held console permitted ease of patient-healthcare provider interaction and treatment – under the direction of SimX medical content developers.      

The medical simulation can be further scaled up to a 30-by-30 square foot training venue, and beyond that, allows off-site leaners to participate when they access the SimX corporate website server.

SimX has been delivered in about 50 customized scenarios. Significantly, a case creator and a marketplace product enabler will be fielded later this year, according to Ryan Ribiera, MD, MPH, the company’s CEO. “And while the case creator will allow the customer to develop its own content, the market place will permit them to take the cases they create and literally put them on the open market,” he explained and further emphasized. “Our goal is to be a platform for development instead of simply building cases.”

SimX has other prospective military customers which could not be divulged.

There are several other industry partners on the SimX team, which will be revealed in due course.  

VR simulation
SimX is wireless, multiplayer, virtual reality medical simulator, depicted above (scenario screen capture (left), learners immersed in the simulation (right)).