SuperSHIFTER Stephen Routledge is a senior program manager at the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, who is leading the next evolution of the Global Patient Safety Alerts (GPSA) program.

GPSA is a publicly-available online collection of indexed patient safety incidents, containing more than 1,500 alerts and 7,500 recommendations from 26 contributing organizations around the world. The program supports global efforts on patient safety reporting, learning and sharing through the Canadian Patient Safety Institute's designation as a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Patient Safety and Patient Engagement.

The tool promotes cross-jurisdictional learning and encourages transparency and a culture of improvement among the global patient safety community. Contributing organizations publicly share information about identified patient safety risks and their recommendations on effective strategies to prevent reoccurrence and patient harm. Users can access evidence-informed recommendations to help them analyze, manage and learn from patient safety incidents, and connect with organizations that have valuable insight and strategies to reduce harm. The database also includes information on emerging and trending patient safety risks, quality improvement methodologies and risk communication strategies.

Global Patient Safety Alerts are free to use. Users can search by keyword, browse through general topic areas such as medications or surgery, or access submissions from a specific contributor. Last year alone, there were more than 13,000 views of specific GPSA summaries, by users from over 40 countries. Read more.