As a part of 3D Systems’ U/S Mentor family of ultrasound training solutions, the Interventional Ultrasound platform provides a needed simulator for Thoracentesis, with more ultrasound guided interventions to come.

The first module, Thoracentesis, provides training of fluid removal from the pleural space. Trainees can practice ultrasound evaluation of the pleural effusion followed by needle insertion and fluid aspiration.

It features:

  • Live tracking of both needle and ultrasound probe.
  • Supine and upright patient positions to support multiple specialties approaches.
  • Educational step-by-step tasks include training of in-plane and out-of-plane ultrasound guidance approach.
  • Puncture pad with palpable ribs.
  • Scaled training with variations in pleural effusion size
  • Various scenarios and anatomical variations such as collapsed and healthy lung, emphysema, varying diaphragm height and more.
  • Simulation of fluid aspiration and lung expansion.