Cerner Corporation announced a multi-faceted, strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), an company, to accelerate health care innovation across the globe. As part of this agreement, Cerner is naming AWS its preferred cloud provider. This expanded relationship is expected to power enhanced clinical experiences, increase efficiencies by lowering operational burdens for health care organizations and accelerate Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and other cutting-edge innovations thereby advancing better patient health outcomes.

“Our work with Amazon and AWS is a key component for the next chapter at Cerner,” said Brent Shafer, chairman and CEO, Cerner. “As we work to transform Cerner, we are joining forces with Amazon and AWS to help fuel our strategy of making Cerner more agile in order to deliver faster, more scalable and secure solutions to clients and patients. We expect this collaboration with Amazon and AWS will enable a new wave of innovation that can lead and transform the future of health care.”

Leveraging AWS’s broad and deep portfolio of cloud services, Cerner expects to usher in a new era of health system interoperability and data portability to ensure the best health outcomes across the continuum of care. Cerner clients should expect a new velocity of advancements while experiencing a lower operational and financial burden. For example, through its existing collaboration with the Amazon ML Solutions Lab, Cerner has quickly developed new ML capabilities for clients and with greater scale. Cerner will continue to advance its health prediction capabilities to uncover important and potentially life-saving insights within trusted-source, digital health data. Cerner’s ongoing work with AWS, and use of Amazon SageMaker, has allowed researchers to query anonymized patient data to build complex models and algorithms that led to earlier detection of congestive heart failure. AWS’s ML capabilities, including voice recognition and natural language processing technologies, will have an immediate impact on the Cerner technology roadmap and help to redefine experiences in health care.

Earlier this year, Cerner announced a renewed commitment to relentlessly focus on clients’ success, whether it’s a large health system, a community hospital or a consumer having a better experience or outcome. The power of AWS’s global infrastructure and breadth and depth of services, coupled with Cerner’s health care technology acumen and source for data can bring significant benefits to Cerner clients. With AWS, Cerner HealtheDataLab was built and has allowed researchers to take de-identified patient data, transform the data sets into research-ready formats and build complex models and algorithms to give providers more information to make more informed patient decisions.

“Our health system has reaped the benefits of Cerner’s HealtheIntent platform for many years, improving the care we provide to our patients,” said Dr. William Feaster, chief health information officer, Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). “Transforming the HealtheIntent data and loading it on AWS has allowed us to leverage big data and sophisticated data science tools, along with the elastic compute environment on AWS. This has accelerated our data science work at CHOC.”

As part of the agreement, AWS and Cerner have committed to an overall strategic framework that will allow for joint teams to drive accelerated innovation and enable increased speed-to-market. Since Shafer’s arrival to Cerner, the company has moved down a path of strategic relationships that could change health care.

“Announcing AWS as our preferred cloud provider is an important move for Cerner. We live in a connected world and should work together to solve the quadruple aim of health care — improving the health of individuals and populations while reducing costs and increasing clinician satisfaction,” said Shafer. “We’re looking forward to tapping into Amazon’s expertise to further help Cerner improve patient satisfaction and drive our client success around the globe."