Metova CyberCENTS has announced updates to SLAM-R©, the industry's leading Cyber-Attack emulation and simulation technology.

Metova CyberCENTS SLAM-R Cyber Range technology for persistent cyber training environments creates a digital environment that emulates a real world "mission partner" network and Internet (gray) space. SLAM-R provides a risk-free persistent training environment for Cyber Protection and Cyber Operatins professionals to train and exercise offensive and defensive measures and forensics on an off-line network that models their own environment.

SLAM-R version 2.8 offers a number of new features and updates including the ability to import and export virtual machines, support for multi-disk virtual machines, a Global Traffic Tracker, an updated attack library, updates to the Graphic User Interface and multiple content updates.

SLAM-R is a software application suite providing the needed virtual and emulated elements for a fully immersive cyber operations training and testing environment. SLAM-R provides the needed features and effects of a real-world network operations center, mission partner network and a global Internet environment. In addition, SLAM-R has the ability to create and execute complex scenario-based network attack events.