Bagira Systems, in cooperation with Meggitt Training Systems, has demonstrated the Multi-Function Stationary Infantry Target System (MF-SIT) for the IDF (Israel Defence Force).

The exclusive cooperation included a demonstration of the MF-SIT, which enables a full range of training capabilities, including Pop-Up target movement, Swing Out, Slice, Vertically Rise and Pop-Up Turning/Judgmental target actions. The target's movements are precise, dynamic and respond quickly to commands. The system can be rapidly installed in different terrains and adapted to a various range of environments, infrastructures, and operational constraints according to the commander's requirements. It provides realistic situations by responding to hits, ensuring trainees do not anticipate target actions.

The system, which will be used mostly for urban warfare training, but also for open terrains, will be operated by the trainees and controlled by Bagira Systems' instructors. It will ensure quick, efficient and challenging self-training for the trainees, and will improve commanders' performance in new ways.