Leonardo has made the official debut of the new M-345 trainer at the 2017 Paris Air Show.

The M=345, which has already raised the interest of many Air forces, is a training jet aircraft with costs comparable to those of a turboprop aircraft but that delivers superior performances.

The first prototype carried out the first flight in December 2016, while the first flight of the first pre-series aircraft is envisaged by 2018. The Italian Air Force has already ordered a first batch of five aircraft and the first delivery is expected by 2019.

The new aircraft allows the Air Forces to contain the training times and provide students with a more performing platform as compared with today's turboprop trainers in service all over the world.

The M-345 has a cockpit fully representative of the fighters, and thanks to its wide flight envelope with high maneuver capability at high speed and both low and high altitude, its modern avionics systems, the high load capacity and to its performance level, the M-345 can also carry out operational roles.