New Zealand Defense Force (NZDF) has acquired a perpetual enterprise license this past July for the VBS3Fire FST from the Australian simulation company SimCentric.

SimCentric describes the program as an immersive call-for-fire and close air support training simulation, providing training for both ground and air based fires.

“To have VBS3 FiresFST selected as NZDF’s JFO simulation training solution is something we are very proud of,” said SimCentric Vice President-Strategy Gareth Collier.

This announcement marks another point in a collaborative effort between SimCentric, NZDF Mission Command Training School and the New Zealand School of Artillery to fully integrate the VBS3Fire FST program into the Joint Fires Observer training.

NZFD has been utilizing the program’s software as the primary simulation training tool for the past two Joint Fires Observer courses, and through this licensing deal can expand the scope of training. A plan to expand the use of VBS3Fire FST across the School of Artillery is in place to spread across the 16th Artillery Brigade, deployable systems for use in operational theatres, and within the existing Meggitt Weapon Training Simulation System.

“The New Zealand Artillery community are a highly professional fraternity,” said Collier,” and amongst the most technically proficient practitioners in the world. They are also very forward leaning in the field of simulation incorporation into training.”