Saab is in the process of evaluating and selecting a new manufacturing location in the U.S. for the T-X advanced trainer aircraft that was developed alongside Boeing. Together, the two companies are competing to win the tender process to supply the United States Air Force with an advanced trainer aircraft.

“The Boeing and Saab T-X is designed and purpose built for the USAF training mission, so we believe that the entire aircraft, including our part, should also be manufactured in the U.S.” said Håkan Buskhe, President and CEO of Saab AB. “Saab has already invested in the development of the T-X Advanced Trainer aircraft and if Saab and Boeing win, Saab will carry that commitment a step forward into manufacturing and production in the US.”

That decision will be made based on what best serves the needs of the program and serves Saab’s own long-term strategy for growth.

“The United States is a strategic market for Saab and the company plans for continued growth in the country. The establishment of this type of production capability in the U.S. would be another step forward in Saab’s objective to grow its national presence,” said Buskhe.

The company already holds seven operations across four states and the District of Columbia, developing solutions for radar and sensors, signature management, training and simulation, support services, high resolution 3-D mapping, air traffic management and homeland security.

If Boeing and Saab win the competition, the T-X will replace the USAF’s fleet of T-38 aircrafts. An award is expected at the end of the year.