SCALABLE Network Technologies was awarded an independent SBIR Phase II Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) contract to support enhancements to the Joint Tactical Radio Network Emulator (JNE).

This is a follow-up upon another SCALABLE contract from the Army and Navy Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) efforts.

"This contract award is based on our decades of experience in network protocol development, modeling, and simulation, and integration of live, virtual and constructive DOD networks and systems," said Jeff Weaver, Vice President of Engineering at SCALABLE.

In this new phase of working under an SBIR contract, the company will provide a model that can be used for parametric, bi-directional traffic generation that works across a number of tactical waveforms.

"SCALABLE has consistently been able to address the ever-evolving needs of our defense and commercial communities with our innovative software solutions. Our services and solutions provide significant enhancements to support the new generation of traffic generation waveform models," said Weaver.

SCALABLE’s Joint Tactical Radio Network Emulator library is a live-virtual-construction simulation platform designed to develop and test battlefield communications networks. Working in conjunction with EXata, the programs help military personnel model and construct mission scenarios to test communications in operationally accurate contexts.