Inzpire’s team successfully delivered their White Force team to Exercise Eastern Zephyr at the Royal Air Force base in Lakenheath, England.

The joint training exercise between the UK Royal Air Force and US Air Force seeks to increase partnership and capabilities between the two nations. Specifically, the military branches are looking to bring together fourth and fifth generation aircrafts, such as 94th’s F22 Raptor fighter, RAF Typhoons and the USAF F15C, and better integrate their operation on a tactical level.

For Inzpire’s part, the company has a full-time team within the Qualified Weapons Instructor Flight on 29 Squadron. The team designed and developed Large Force Employment (LFE) events for the exercise.

The complex events provide training scenarios against an adversary equipped with modern aircrafts, an integrated air defense system with early warning radars, and surface-to-air missile systems.

Eastern Zephyr’s LFEs involve up to 40 aircrafts between the two air powers. The exercise began on October 10.