CSRA launched its new Cyber Center of Excellence – a virtual center operating out of physical locations in Columbia, Maryland and CSRA’s Integrated Technology Center (ITC) in Bossier City, Louisiana. The Center focuses on advancing cybersecurity capabilities and providing these innovations to CSRA’s customers.

The Cyber Center of Excellence brings together experts to provide rapid innovation, consulting and cyber capabilities to customers throughout the public sector.

“Every day, cyber technology is rapidly evolving and new threats are exposing old vulnerabilities,” according to CSRA President and CEO Larry Prior, who says CSRA is a leader in cyber solutions and a resource for training thousands of government employees. He says, “The Center ensures our expertise is shared widely within our company to maximize the benefit of our broad cyber experience for our customers.”

CSRA says its Cyber Center of Excellence brings together next-generation technology and world-renowned cyber experts to offer access to the latest threat intelligence, trends, and resources to defend against persistent threats. It also brings in the expertise of key alliance and emerging technology partners to rapidly prototype technologies. CRSAS key cyber partners through the Cyber Center of Excellence include Red Hat, Digital Guardian, Juniper Systems, Splunk, Palo Alto Networks, and Cisco.

CRSA says these partnerships, along with its alliance partner network, including Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, SalesForce, SAP and ServiceNow, allow CSRA to provide quick access to the latest cyber innovations and tailor them for use by government customers.