Sundog Software has released version 4 of its Triton Ocean SDK for training and simulation software developers. Triton 4 has been re-architected to align with modern 3D rendering architectures, and to offer faster performance in VR and multi-channel simulation systems.

"Virtual reality presents the challenge of maintaining very high frame-rates while drawing those frames twice - once for each eye. Doing that with physically realistic ocean waves is extra-hard," said Frank Kane, founder of Sundog Software. "Triton 4 allows developers to process each view of the ocean in its own threat, taking full advantage of what modern hardware offers."

In Sundog's tests with Triton 4, three concurrent views of an ocean scene including ship wakes and rotor wash can be rendered at over 400 frames per second (FPS) on commodity hardware - well above the 90 FPS required for VR applications. These improvements are not limited to VR use; any application that powers multiple channels or views from the same image generator may take advantage of Triton 4's new capabilities.