The DiSTI Corporation, a provider of graphical user interface development software, released GL Studio 6.2, its user interface development toolkit for performance, fidelity and reliability.

GL Studio is used to produce high-performing reliable 2D/3D graphical user interfaces. This release offers more than 30 enhancements so non-programmers can create complex user interface functionality using drag-and-drop visual and logic elements.

The 6.2 version includes new features for deployment packages to desktop, WebGL and a number of embedded platforms, new settings dialogs for fine-tuned control, the flexibility to handle customized build settings and the ability to perform WebGL deployment supported on Linux.

Other added features include improvements to GL Studio’s behavior packages like Needle, Gradient Arc, Fader and GStreamer Video. A new Safety Critical deployment and project bundle provide for the development and deployment of certifiable interfaces for automotive (ISO-26262 up to ASIL D), aerospace (DO-178B/C up to Level A), and industrial (IEC 61511).