Quantum3D, a provider of training and simulation solutions for government and commercial applications, released its Next Generation MANTIS (MANTIS NG) Image Generation Software that offers Common Database (CDB) compatibility. CDB is an open standard for scene content and is now an official standard adopted by the Open Geospatial Consortium. Users now have the flexibility to upgrade to a fully COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) compliant Image Generator without the cost of porting the current CDB visual database.

MANTIS NG also has a new StaticModels plugin that provides a mechanism to populate the terrain with a set of modeled features. For example, this allows new tall constructions, such as buildings, wind-turbines and radio towers, to be added to the terrain without having to regenerate the complete landscape; keeping the terrain up to date with the real world. MANTIS NG's Autonomous Traffic plug-in now includes watercraft capability.

“Simulation platforms using CDB visual environments will use the power and capabilities of MANTIS NG without any need for preprocessing or manual conversion of the visual database,” said Clayton Conrad, President and CEO, Quantum3D. “Our users can now upgrade to a modern visual platform as part of our Simulator Modernization Program without the cost of rebuilding their visual database.”