4C Strategies launched Exonaut Simulation Extension (ESE)®, that lets Exonaut exercise management tools control connected simulators and C2 systems, resulting in a step change in exercise management and a reduction of the manpower required in the exercise control (EXCON) organization.

The Exonaut® software suite is used to build, verify, track and support organizational readiness. The suite’s scalable and configurable modules can be used separately or integrated (depending on client requirements) to provide a transparent view of readiness and objective data to make decisions and provide clear visualization of the current status.

Exonaut software is in use by several nation’s armed forces to program, design, deliver and evaluate training and exercises, and to provide an up-to-date view of training readiness. Once entered, data is centrally managed and available for re-use, creating synergies and efficiencies in the design and execution phases. Performance is measured based on objectives through a series of exercises and that data is available for analysis and presentation in dashboards to facilitate command-level visualization and decision making.

ESE provides a configurable interface for simulation environments, allows plug-in adaptors to support different types of simulators, visualizes the ground truth from the connected simulators and C2 systems and publishes Exonaut training data to the simulation federation. It delivers data payloads based on the exercise scenario that triggers action and reports in any simulator or C2 system connected to the same federation – and it allows actions and reports from simulators or C2 systems to automatically trigger specific Exonaut scenario injects that will notify exercise control and response cells triggering the appropriate response.

ESE was evaluated by the Swedish Armed Forces through February and March 2018 and was successfully deployed live for the first time on exercise Viking 18 in April.