In the two years since the U.S. Naval Surface and Mine Warfighting Development Center (SMWDC) was designated as the executive agent for Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet and for the U.S. Fleet Force’s revamped missile exercise (MSLEX) program, Live Fire with a Purpose (LFWAP) took the Navy’s warfighting to a new level with 29 complex events to enhance the fleet’s weapon systems’ competency and efficacy. As the SMWDC marked its second anniversary, it also marked its 100th missile firing.

SMWDC is a subordinate command of Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet and exists to increase the lethality and tactical proficiency of the surface force. LFWAP is a high-velocity learning program to counter threats and prepare the Navy’s ships and sailors for real-world threat environments. The events will let the Navy update and revise the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), pre-planned responses (PPRs) and commanding officer’s battle orders to validate training curriculums for formal courses of instruction.

Throughout the 29 events, Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Warfare Tactics Instructor (WTI) led watch stander teams through the plan, brief, execute and debrief (PBED) process and the planning, training and execution of safe live firing for real-world operational preparation.

In the months following an LFWAP event, the SMWDC team and engineers conduct a data analysis work group (DAWG) to discuss the tactical and technical nuances of each live fire event. The data analysis is used to provide an in depth debrief to the firing units prior to their deployment, confirm current tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), assist in development of future TTPs, and provide feedback to the Navy acquisitions communities in support of developing future capabilities.