4C Strategies and Cubic connected the Exonaut® training and exercise management system to the Cubic deployed private Long Term Evolution (LTE) network for the first time in an army field training exercise. The two technologies coupled within hours and let users operate Exonaut via the LTE connection in remote locations of the training area.

The connection will let:

  • Planners, exercise managers and observer controllers control training events and share a common exercise picture in real-time from their smart phone or tablet.
  • Observers submit observations and view feeds from exercise managers and other observers in real-time in the field.
  • Users within the LTE network correspond through Exonaut communication features such as group chat, messaging and tasking.
  • Users provide evidence in support of After Action Reviews conducted in the field from the connection’s data visualization and analytics module (RMP Dashboard).
4C Strategies Research Manager, Alexander Jarl says, “Running Exonaut over the Cubic secure private LTE network will allow us to offer connectivity to widely distributed LVC exercises in a robust and secure way.”