Bagira Systems delivered its newest JOint-fires BattleSpace Simulator (JOBSS) to Van Halteren Defence, as part of its Integrated HCT program for the Royal Thai Army (RTA).

JOBSS was integrated together with a battery of 105mm Howitzer Crew Trainers (HCT) and with the RTA’s operational C2 system to form the Integrated HCT (I-HCT) system.

Bagira was in charge of supplying the JOBSS. The RTA operational doctrine and the overall integration with the HCTs and the RTA's C2 were implemented. The RTA I-HCT includes a virtual database of training areas and a battery of LG1, M101 and M119 105mm Howitzers, marking it the first ever comprehensive simulation for practicing the full fire support cycle, from the forward observer through the FDC and to the guns crew level.

JOBSS was developed by Bagira for training through all joint-fires processes and has been used by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) troops since 2016. JOBSS was also procured by two additional international Armed Forces (including a NATO country).

The system simulates all joint-fires elements including representation of the full battlespace environment and forces. It employs SMEs and VMEs (Simulated & Virtual Military Equipment), ensuring train-as-you-fight training. The realistic battlespace presentation and high-fidelity display is based on Bagira's B-One powerful simulation engine and by using high-resolution display systems.

Van Halteren Defence's HCTs enable training with fully simulated guns and ammunition from the gun and up to the full battery operation levels. The system includes an instructor station, training ammunition designed to look and feel exactly like live ammunition and a fully simulated recoiling howitzer to simulate the full fire procedure. All parts are fitted with and controlled by sophisticated sensors and software.

JOBSS and the HCTs allow simultaneous Live and Virtual end-to-end joint-training of all participating forces as part of Digital Dust – Bagira's concept for Live, Virtual and Constructive training integrating all the simulators to one environment based on the B-One simulation engine. All the trainee’s activities and procedures are recorded and registered in order to enable a complete and extensive After Action Review (AAR) and to ensure mission readiness.

Bagira Systems will be exhibiting at I/ITSEC, taking place in Orlando, Florida during November 26th – 29th, Booth #1707. To set up a meeting or a private demonstration, please contact Mr. Oren Sheinfeld: