Indra will launch two new Research and Development projects within the Civil UAVs to boost–through the use of unmanned systems–the transformation of two completely different fields: intelligent logistics 4.0, and the training of pilots through advanced flight simulators.

Within Indra’s concept of Smart Logistic 4.0, the company will use aerial unmanned systems equipped with precision sensors and cameras as the most effective tool for the automated inspection of any type of infrastructure, from ships, aircraft and other platforms, to any infrastructure or industrial facility.

Its use will speed up the inspection of anchors, structures, antennas and sensors at heights; help detect corrosion, etc.

The collected data will feed a powerful system that will use machine learning, big data and Artificial Intelligence techniques to anticipate any incident or failure. This will be translated into logistics cost savings of up to 20 percent. The operational availability of equipment and platforms will increase by up to 30 percent.

The second R&D project hinges on using aerial unmanned systems to scan airports and other locations from the sky, quickly and at a low cost. The extremely precise data collected will enable the creation of maps and terrain elevations, which will be used to generate the virtual environments projected by the simulators.