ACME Worldwide Enterprises Inc. recently signed an agreement with Collins Aerospace to produce replica ACES 5 next-generation ejection seats for military aircraft simulators. Under a licensing agreement with Collins Aerospace, ACME will produce True Q Dynamic Motion Seats featuring ACME’s patented motion cueing technology, adding this new design to ACME’s collection of weapon system seat types available for ground-based training systems. 

ACME’s True Q Dynamic Motion Seats look, feel and function like the actual aircraft ejection seat and include a patented, multi-channel, electric cueing system inside the seat body. ACME’s seats provide motion cueing for crews from mission start-up to shut-down in the simulator. With the motion seat, crews can feel the in-flight maneuvers, aircraft vibrations, weapons release, weather effects and turbulence, onset and sustained g-cues, and even a broad range of aircraft malfunctions and emergency procedures. The seat also provides cues for ground operation events including engine start, braking, taxiing, and a touchdown.

The ACES 5 is Collins Aerospace’s most advanced and best-performing ejection seat that brings significant safety improvements, reduced maintenance costs, and increased aircraft availability. ACES technology is credited with saving the lives of 664 pilots to-date and reduces ejection-related spinal injuries to less than one percent.