During the naval defence exhibition, MAST 2019, IFAD TS A/S released an update to its INTS IFAD Naval Training System.

The Naval Tactical Simulator (INTS) is a simulation-based system that facilitates the conduct of realistic naval operations training. INTS comprises a network of computers used as player workstations organized into own ship cubicles and game control stations.

The new update to INTS features Commanders Console, Instructor Station, CIC Consoles (Student stations), Generic Navy C4ISR integration, Generic Asterix CAT 240 Radar feed integration and Generic simulation integration via DIS/HLA.

A flexible and scalable system, INTS is dedicated to generation and execution of realistic naval battle space scenarios. This includes surface, subsurface, air and land entities as well as naval sensors and tactical weapon systems, tactical data link, communications and environmental conditions. The Royal Danish Navy use INTS at the Naval Warfare Training Center.

Danish Crown Prince Frederik, Danish Minister of Defence Trine Bramsen and the Chief of Danish Defence General Bjørn I. Bisserup were among the visitors to MAST 2019 in Copenhagen last month.

Based in Odense, Denmark, IFAD TS A/S has been providing simulation training solutions for more than 25 years.