Ultimate High UPRT

The Ultimate High UPRT Academy (UH) have been sanctioned by the CAA to train Flying Instructors (FIs) through FCL.915(e) to deliver the new on-aircraft ‘Advanced UPRT’ FCL.745. This programme became mandatory for all professional pilots today (Friday December 20th).

Flight Upsets caused by Loss Of Control In-flight (LOC-I) is the largest single cause of Commercial Aviation accidents and fatalities. EASA has implemented the FCL.745.A Advanced UPRT requirement to address this challenge.

Ultimate High UPRT Head of Training Steve Johnson said: “We have been training FIs to deliver UPRT for the last five years and have substantial experience in this area. We have ensured that our training meets and exceeds the regulatory guidelines, adding some additional elements that we as airline training captains and TRE/TRIs believe are useful."

UH operate from Goodwood Aerodrome on the English south coast. They deliver academic, FSTD and on-aircraft turnkey and bespoke UPRT programmes to airlines, ATOs, NAAs, Business Jet Operators and individuals.