Frasca International, Inc. has received an order for a Bell 407 GXi AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device) from Life Flight Network, LLC. Once installed, the AATD will be used for initial/new hire training, recurrent training, and mission training. 

The device will feature Frasca’s Simplicity software graphical user interface, electric Control Loading, digital sound system, and flight and systems simulation to train normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures in the Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM). In addition, the AATD will include Frasca’s TruVision Global Image Generator with 3 channel direct-view projected visual display sysem. The visual system will  include Frasca’s visual database at base map level and a Newport, Oregon, helicopter mission training database.

“For Life Flight Network, safety and risk management are core to our operations. Safety training is ongoing and comprehensive, ensuring our pilots maintain the highest levels of proficiency,” said Michael Griffiths, Chief Executive Officer of Life Flight Network. “With the addition of the Frasca helicopter AATD for our incoming Bell 407GXi aircraft, we will be able to continue enhancing our team’s skills and preparedness.”